Premium Beauty Fillers

A New Take On Facial Aesthetics


"Premium Beauty Fillers is a brand-new face aesthetics clinic founded on the principle 'less is more'."


Why Premium Beauty Fillers

The notion of ‘beautiful’ signifies something different for everyone. Your distinctive expressions and traits are what make you, you and we feel this is something to showcase and appreciate – not modify. There is no “one size fits all” filler, and our products are particularly intended to empower practitioners with the tools they need to deliver you the most natural-looking and stunning results.


Our Blogs


I arrived to Dr. Rafael with lips that were bumpy and asymmetrical due to work performed elsewhere. He was fantastic at reviewing my choices and was able to correct my lips with two lip filler procedures. I am blown away by the results and cannot praise him enough!

Lorena Barker

I met with my friends to discuss my ageing face, as I was troubled by my deep marionette lines but had never attempted any treatments. Such kind and nice individuals! They performed some sort of enchantment, and my marionette lines have vanished entirely. I've never been happier.

Helen Closs

For years, I had been receiving anti-wrinkle treatments elsewhere. Following a referral, I saw the staff at Premium beauty fillers. Very competent, talented, and gifted duo. They created a plan that met my needs and budget. I have never looked better! Such a radical change!

Lilly Brown