If your skin is looking dull and lifeless or has sustained too much damage from the sun or acne, you may consider going for a laser skin rejuvenation procedure with the Revlite® laser. It can quickly rejuvenate the skin and reduce fine lines and pore size.

What exactly is laser skin rejuvenation with Revlite ®?

Laser skin rejuvenation is a non-invasive laser treatment that uses light energy to:

1. Gently stimulate natural collagen growth, which will reduce fine lines and wrinkles
2. Restore the skin from sun damage (large pores and pigmentation)
3. Remove dark lesions and sun spots
4. Remove tattoos

1. Stimulation of natural collagen growth and reduce wrinkles

Collagen is the support network of our skin. Unfortunately, as we age we lose collagen and as a consequence wrinkles and fine lines appear on our face. If new collagen is generated, both fine lines and wrinkles are reduced. Apart from the face it can also be used for the hands, neck and chest.

2. Skin restoration from sun damage

Most of us will have sustained too much exposure from the sun which can lead to increased pore size, skin pigmentation, discolouration and red areas on the skin. Laser skin rejuvenation with RevliteÆ helps to decrease pore size, smoothen the skin texture and lighten skin tone. Overall leading to a refreshed appearance and younger looking skin.

3. Remove dark lesions and sun spots

Laser skin rejuvenation targets and breaks down brown age spots, liver spots, freckles and other brown birthmarks. Most common lesions are removed within one to two treatments.

4. Tattoo removal

Revlite® was voted as the best laser for removing tattoos by a leading aesthetics journal.

How does it work?

During the treatment a gentle laser is used that passes light through the upper layer of skin. This laser heat stimulates collagen growth deep beneath your skin. The effects of the laser treatment will continue even after your treatment and you will see the difference once the fine lines will be filled with new collagen. The heat of the laser will also have an effect on the discoloured parts of your face as these pigment areas are broken up and reabsorbed into the skin.

What are the main benefits of laser skin rejuvenation with revlite®?

– Unlike laser skin resurfacing this laser treatment does not remove any skin so there is no recovery time.
– Safe and comfortable since heat pulses are very short and fast (and therefore do not heat the skin as much as some other lasers).
– Quick procedure with great results.
– Minimal discomfort (just a tingling sensation).
– Low risk of complications.
– Can be used for every skin type, including tanned skin.
– Continued improvement of skin texture and fine lines even after your treatment.
– The treatment is easily combined with other cosmetic procedures for even more amazing results.

Are there any possible side effects to the Revlite® laser treatment?

The Revlite® laser used for skin rejuvenation is one of the safest lasers on the market today. So long as the treatment is performed by a trained medical professional, there is very little chance of complications. This laser treatment is also safe for all skin types.

What happens during the treatment session?

1. First the skin is thoroughly cleansed, and laser-protective goggles are positioned over the eyes.
2. You can then choose to have topical anaesthesia (but many find this unnecessary).
3. Microdermabrasion (exfoliation of dead skin cells from the surface of the skin) is followed by gentle extractions.
3. The Laser treatment then starts and an invisible laser beam is directed towards your face heating the deeper layers of your skin.
4. Gentlewaves ® LED treatment, which improves the skinís healing process, will finish your treatment.

What can I expect after a treatment?

You may see some mild redness but this usually fades within an hour. Makeup can be applied immediately after the treatment and you can continue with your daily activities as normal. You may be asked to avoid the sun and / or some skin products (like Retin A) for a limited time after the treatment.

Although you may see some immediate improvement in your skin, results tend to show more gradually. It is recommended to have at least 4-6 treatments spaced at 3-5 weeks apart for best results. Many choose to come back for touch-up sessions after that.

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