There is no a single response to this, as other people have so quickly shown. The only way to opt for the “best” protection is to decide what harm you might be ready to dwell with. Are scratches on the rear appropriate? It’s possible all you need to have is a bumper and monitor protector. If you want anything pristine, then maybe you require to go all the way up to the thick Otterboxes. Aspect of the respond to to this issue evokes another question. What kind of user are you? Are you clumsy? Are you the form of individual that never drops everything? Are you setting up on selling the device in 9 months to get the future most recent, finest matter? Do you approach on retaining the unit right up until it possibly refuses to cost or the next Presidential election?

The sort of user you are need to dictate the variety of safety you get. I just take my telephone almost everywhere with me and it can be essential to my occupation. It truly is also essential to me that it looks great in 7-9 months when I will sell it off to get one more new product. That’s why I have made use of an Otterbox Defender and other heavier situations to secure my device. I have a Galaxy Be aware right now (I’m about to up grade to a HTC A single X+). I’m working with a extremely strong impact resistant rubberized situation (identical to a Defender) I identified on Amazon. I’m also employing a display protector. This combo has currently compensated for itself several times and saved my cell phone. Get what is actually most effective for you and your way of life.

Yes, it truly is acquired some compact dents on the chrome-like border but so what? It really is a phone. It is meant to be utilized. Some persons just are not able to appreciate the attractiveness of their mobile phone when it’s in some bulky situation. So what if there is certainly heading to be a scratch or two at the again…

Bumper, scenario, pores and skin, pouch, bare, etcetera, also, if you’ve got had negative encounters with any particular option, you should share that far too.

I just use the flip circumstance that arrived with my Galaxy Take note. It won’t make it search bulkier but it can be undertaking a great work preserving the screen.

To be fair, the Otterbox Commuter nails #1 (protection) and #2 (usability). Quantity 3 (aesthetics) is debatable. The higher than combo is my most popular selection for the reason that I don’t like babying naked telephones and it keeps my phones seeking new for the period of my ownership. Various strokes for diverse folks.

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