Lebanon has turn into the authentic capital of the plastic surgical treatment amongst the Arab states of the Middle East all through the final several years. Shoppers are attracted below by the large proficiency degree of surgeons, reasonably reduced charges and delicate Mediterranean climate.

According to Tony Nasara, the operator of the “Brazil Aesthetic Clinic” situated in Beirut, “the plastic surgical treatment increase started in Lebanon in the 12 months of 2000” (after elimination of the Israeli troops from the South Lebanon). He claims that during these seven many years that have passed tours in Lebanon “with the purpose of a plastic surgical procedure procedure” appeared on sale in all Arab states.

Decrease was registered two times – soon after Rafik Hariri’s murder in 2005 and throughout the 2nd |Lebanon War in 2006. But now, in accordance to house owners of the Beirut aesthetic operation clinics, Lebanon can yet again be named “Mecca of the Plastic Operation”.

Regardless of the actuality that in lots of Muslim international locations of the Middle East married women’s faces are hidden from the strangers’ sight, wives of the very well-to-do Arab businessmen spend fantastic notice to their look. To some extent this is described by the fact that they are not working and people whose husbands can pay for using the services of servants are not occupied with home chores. These girls want to have “Angelina Jolie’s lips or Haifa Wehbe’s breasts”. Plastic surgeons typically have to proper hooked noses of their consumers from the Persian Gulf or clear away their double chins.

According to the plastic medical procedures centre “Hazime”, with approximately 50 doctors in its clinical staff members, 60% of their purchasers are Lebanese and 40% come from other Arab states. It is worth mentioning that in some Arab states plastic surgical procedure is prohibited.

Whilst there is no formal data, the French agency informs that close to 1,5 million plastic surgery operations and 10 million skin lifting and depilation processes are built in Lebanon every single year. As regards charges, “to make a turned-up nose from a hooked just one” shall price you somewhere around 2.000 dollars in Lebanon. Identical procedure in London expenses 5.000 dollars. In New-York price ranges come up to 10.000 dollars.

Lebanon surgeons say that on the eve of the seaside time the demand from customers for functions on breast enlargement raises sharply. Abundant Arab women of all ages go to considerably resorts and want to “preserve in line”.

The plastic surgery solutions are also very preferred with the younger daughters of prosperous Moslems. They carry them selves to conformity with the international natural beauty requirements right before their wedding ceremony. Consequently there are a good deal of 17-year previous girls between shoppers of the Lebanon clinics. Aside from correction of shape of their breast and nose, this classification of consumers wishes to get rid of undesirable overall body hair. Moustache and hairy legs do not adorn even brides from the Persian Gulf.

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