Premium Beauty Fillers

We develop hyaluronic acid-based injectable dermal fillers for the treatment of wrinkles, the addition of volume to the face, and the enhancement of the quality of the skin.

Our Story

Premium Beauty Fillers is redefining the medical beauty space as the first global destination focused exclusively on non-surgical facial treatments. At Premium Beauty Fillers, our medical professionals, luxurious surroundings, and a bespoke approach all come together to create an elevated client experience. Our medical professionals will evaluate your face in its entirety using cutting-edge technology and will come up with a personalised treatment strategy that is centred on your specific requirements. All of this is housed in a location that more closely resembles a five-star hotel or a private members’ club thanks to its luxurious and sophisticated furnishings as well as its attentive concierge service.


Nicole Taupin

Nicole Taupin, who started our company and serves as its current CEO, is widely regarded as a foremost authority in the field of aesthetics and beauty. Her creation of the first resilient hyaluronic acid solution, which was designed to move and respond to natural face motions, is largely responsible for elevating her, her laboratory, and the Premium Beauty Fillers mission to a position of international prominence.

The Team

We took great effort in assembling the world’s most knowledgeable and creative group of face aesthetics specialists for our staff. Our visionary doctors were picked for their enthusiasm and intelligence, and as a result, they have contributed to the establishment of the gold standard for both the global company and the global industry. We are just as proud of their skill as we are of the rigour with which they implement our unique procedures, which significantly outstrip industry norms in terms of both the safety of the results and the consistency of those results.


Naomi is a pharmacist who has a good eye for beauty. Since becoming a qualified aesthetic practitioner with Derma Medical UK, she has established a specialisation in skincare.


Dr. Rafael is our co-founder and cosmetic physician. He graduated in 2014 with honours and distinction from Keele Medical School. As a fully licenced physician, he has gained expertise in A&E, surgery, intensive care, and medicine while working for the NHS.


Dr. Florence has extensive experience with the most advanced aesthetic procedures and teaches regularly to masterclass level in aesthetics at Derma Medical Courses in aesthetic medicine, where she trains surgeons, physicians, nurses, and dentists from around the world in the art of aesthetic medicine. This demonstrates his expertise in this sector.